Booking Terms

General Booking Terms and Conditions for Fjätervålen AB.

These booking conditions apply between Fjätervålen Ab, organisational nr: 556223-3527 (known hereafter as FJAB) and You when a booking is made via FJAB. The agreement includes accommodation, activities, lift passes or any combination of the aforementioned, referred to below as Product.

1. Booking and Booking Confirmation

Please check you booking. Contact us immediately if something is incorrect. Oral agreements must be confirmed in writing. Bookings apply to both parties, once the booking has been confirmed by us, through sending you a booking number and once you have paid and confirmed your purchase through Klarna.
Any commitments made by a member of the Bookings and Sales Team to You must be noted in the confirmation in order to be fulfilled. We are not responsible for any commitments made to You directly by the landlord/supplier or their contact person.
In order to book or enter into an agreement with FJAB the customer must be a minimum of 21 years old, if there is not an older age limit required in the confirmation. ID may be requested upon arrival.

The cost of the accommodation does NOT include cleaning, bed linen, towels, cots or highchairs, toilet paper, washing liquid etc. if not included in your booking confirmation.
Please note that the number of guests in the accommodation cannot exceed the number of guests on the booking confirmation nor the number of beds in the accommodation.

2. Bookings and payments are binding

Bookings are binding once you have received confirmation from FJAB. Final payment to FJAB must be paid immediately at the time of booking by Klarna. See Klarna’s terms and conditions. If payment is not made the booking is not valid and products will be automatically cancelled.

3. Cancellation or changes to a booking

If you need to change your booking, there will be a charge of 150 SEK each time and for each booking.
Please note that changing your arrival or departure date constitutes a cancellation if you are not extending the dates of your booking.
You can cancel your booking to FJAB verbally by calling +46 253-211 43 or in writing by emailing Please note that your cancellation is only valid once you have received written confirmation from FJAB.

Cancellation policy if there is no cancellation insurance.
Cancellation of cabin, apartment, pitches and cleaning 39 days or earlier before your arrival, will be charged 10% of the value of the booking.

For cancellations less than 40 days before your arrival, you will be charged the full amount of your booking.
Cancellation insurance costs and charges for changes to your bookings will not be refunded.
Additional pre booked items such as ski equipment, ski school, snowmobile excursion, ski and cross-country trail pass can be cancelled free of charge up to and including the 24 hours before they are valid. The full amount will be debited for cancellations made within 24 hours of the start date.
Exception: Pre ordered food cancelled less than 4 days before the service date, will be charged at the full price.
For group and conference activities which include food and/or activities we refer you to the Visita terms and conditions.

4. Cancellation during your stay

In the event that your stay is cut short, the paid accommodation costs will not be refunded.
The outstanding time on your rental equipment can be refunded upon the presentation of a doctor’s note and is valid from the date of the certificate until the date that the equipment is due to be returned.
Remaining days for lessons/activities that have already started will only be refunded upon presentation of a doctor’s note. It is valid from the date of the certificate and when FJAB was informed.
Remaining days on lift and cross-country passes can be refunded upon presentation of a doctor’s note. Only days that have not been used will be refunded. Valid from the date of the doctor’s note. Please go to your place of purchase with your pass and doctor’s note. Not valid for passes included in packages.
Pre ordered food cancelled less than 4 days before the service date, will be charged at the full price.

5. Cancellation Insurance

Can only be purchased at the time of booking and costs 350 SEK per cabin/apartment.
If you activate the cancellation insurance all other members of the party will be in the cabin/apartment will be cancelled. A partial repayment is not possible if other members of the party choose to stay in the accommodation and continue with activities.
Cancellation protection costs and charges for changes to your bookings will not be refunded.
Cancellation Insurance covers:
A. Death, illness or a serious accident which affects You, spouse, partner, Yours or their parents, children, siblings or fellow travellers.
B. Being drafted to armed forces or civil defence force.
C. Serious instances outside of Your control. i.e. extensive fire damage or flooding in your home and it is not reasonable for you to fulfil your booking.
D. If the authorities in your country or the Swedish Public Health Authority advises people not to travel to / within Sweden during the current period.

You will need to prove your case with proof from your doctor, from the authorities or the insurance company (does not apply point D). FJAB will not action any claims 7 days after the cancellation date. FJAB will take an administrative fee of 400 SEK per booking in the case of each booking when the cancellation insurance is activated.

6. Package Holiday

Through its membership with Visita FJAB has a travel guarantee for package holidays. The cancellation costs are the same for cabins/apartments when booked as a package holiday. For example, a package including accommodation and rental.

7. Mistakes and complaints

Complaints must immediately be made to FJAB. If you do not communicate your grievance to FJAB during the rental period/assemblage and thereby allow the supplier the opportunity to rectify the situation, you lose your right to claim.
If you are not satisfied with the compensation /replacement, this must be conveyed in writing to FJAB within 60 days of your departure.

If all or part of your booking cannot be provided according to your confirmation and an alternative replacement is not possible (i.e. cabin/apartment in the same class) you have right to withdraw from the agreement. We will return the full amount, less the value of any parts that you have already used.

8. Keys

You may access your cabin/apartment/ pitch at the exact time that is written on your confirmation. All keys should be left in closed key boxes on the day of departure. FJAB will charge of 800 SEK per key for lost or non-returned keys.

9. Conduct

Treat the cabins and apartments with respect and follow the appropriate procedures, instructions and directions. The lead name on the booking is fully responsible for all damage in the property and to the inventory due to the carelessness of one of the parties. Between 23,00 and 07,00 please respect the peace and quiet of other guests. The accommodation may not be used for any other purpose apart from that agreed in the contract and only those booked into the accommodation may stay in the accommodation. Tents and caravans may not be put up on the property.
The rental contract will be annulled if a member of the party intentionally damages the property or a member of the party is disruptive.
Please follow the rules regarding smoking and pets which were stated on the front side of the confirmation. If these rules are violated, you will be charged a sanitation fee.
You must leave your accommodation clean before your departure and ensure that you have checked off the everything on the accommodation checklist. You can pay for the cleaning of your accommodation. If you choose to clean the accommodation, the accommodation will be checked upon your departure. If you have not sufficiently cleaned the accommodation or do not leave the accommodation on time, you will be charged a fee starting from 3000 SEK, depending on the size of the accommodation.
Paid or obligatory cleaning does not include deep cleaning in and out, washing up or emptying of bins or recycling. We are not responsible for any forgotten items.

10. Privacy Act-GDPR

By making a payment you consent to your personal data being processed by FJAB. The information is used for customary administration and also if personal information is needed in case of an accident. Guest details can also be used for customer and guest surveys, insurance and payment services and travel related offers.

11. Terms of transfer

Transfer of accommodation and assemblage can only be done before the day of arrival and with FJAB’s consent. There will be an administration charge of 150 SEK for any changes.

12. Force Majeure

In the case that the trip/ gathering cannot take place due to reasons out of the control of the organiser and could not have anticipated at the time of the agreement and the consequences of which could not be avoided, the organiser is not liable and will not incur any penalties. This is also the case if the trip or assemblage is cancelled by an external supplier.
We reserve the right for legislative or price changes that are beyond our control.

13. Other

All cabins/apartments are privately owned and are rented out by FJAB owners’ behalf. The standards and equipment in the cabins may vary. The cabins and apartments are equipped for self-catering. Change over days are both Saturday,  Sunday and Thursday. Maps and drawings provide an approximation of the location and living space. Please ensure that you check your arrival and departure date on your booking confirmation.
We reserve the right to delay your check in time due to unforeseen circumstances. You will not be compensated for a later check in

14. Dispute

If an agreement cannot be reached, we refer you to the General Complaints Board or the Civil Court.

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