Information about the Corona virus (Covid-19)

Fjätervålen will remain open until April 19 which is the planned last day of our winter season. The Public Health Authority, together with the regional authorities and regional Public Health Authorities have agreed that ski resorts can continue operating. SLAO (the organisation representing the interest of the resorts) have been instructed to draw up a comprehensive plan of precautionary measures.
Fjätervålen will obviously follow this plan as well as continue to work with the precautionary measures that have been put into place, in order to ensure a safe environment for all of our guests and staff.
We have adjusted the weekly programme due to the prevailing situation.

Is it safe to travel to Fjätervålen?
There are no big crowds at Fjätervålen, on the slopes or taking part in activities. Fjätervålen is a small facility and we do not organize big events. We do not have any congestion and we have established procedures based on recommendations and advice from both local and state authorities to minimize risks.

What action have Fjätervålen taken?
We are following the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Authority regarding hygiene and we have introduced extended routines regarding cleaning and disinfecting of public areas and cabins. There is no buffet lunch, but we offer a plated lunch service. We recommend that guests stay within their groups and only ride the lift with those in their group; staff are self-isolating if they show any symptoms of the virus; Valle, our mascot, will not be seen in public for the remainder of the season. All of our actions are based upon information and guidelines from the relevant Swedish authorities. Should a guest become infected, we have strict procedures in place in how to proceed and care for the guest.

We urge everybody to take personal responsibility 
• Stay home/in your accommodation if you show the slightest symptoms.
• Use soap and water and wash your hands thoroughly, often. Cough and sneeze into your sleeve.
• Keep your distance in lift lines, in the ski shop, in the grocery store and in the restaurant. Ride the lift with members of your group or alone.

Can I rebook or cancel my trip due to the Corona virus?
March 28. 2020
Due to the current situation, today we have decided to modify our booking terms and conditions for guests who have bookings between 29 March – 19 April.
Due to public concerns about the virus, it is now possible to rebook your trip at no extra cost. You can also cancel your trip. For trip cancellations there will be an administrative fee of 400 SEK. Any amount above this will be repaid.

Please email if you would like to rebook or cancel your trip with your booking number and we will respond to you as quickly as possible

Read more about our booking terms and conditions at

If you have concerns or questions about the virus, contact 113 13, which is the national information number.

More information can be found at:
The Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten)
1177 care guide (1177 vårdguiden)
UD (Gouverment offices of Sweden)