Fun and exciting activities for both adults and children!

For beginners or those who want to progress their skiing there is ski/ snowboard school.

If you need a break from skiing why not go snowmobiling, dog sledding or take a sleigh ride with a reindeer. Children can try the mini scooter (snowmobiles), either on their own or with an adult sitting behind them.
If you would like to go on a family adventure outside of Fjätervålen there are plenty of options. For example, to Fjätfallet (3 km from Fjätervålen) which is a beautiful, tranquil walk to a small waterfall or to the waffle hut along Burusjöspåret (approx. 16 km by car from ). You can also head out on your cross-country skis (4km) or by car (8km) to Foskdalsvallen, where there is a hut with an open fire, and you can sit and enjoy your packed lunch.


Snowmobiling adventure in the Idre mountains
This season we offer guided snowmobiling tours which you can be booked directly on our website.
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Dog sledding

Adventure Dreams
Tel: +46 73-048 89 83, E-mail:

Reindeer Rides – Sleigh rides with reindeers

Glenn & Agneta Rensberg- Sörvattnet
Telephone: +46 680-42 000 or +46 70-689 73 11

Experience the Sami culture

Renbiten in Grövelsjön
Renbiten offer several genuine Sámi experiences during the winter. They offer activities for corporate groups, families, young and old.
Tel +46 253-233 30
Mobile: 46+ 705-779 376
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Nature, cultural and day trips in the surrounding area

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