Cross country skiing

48 km of cross-country tracks on your doorstep

The tracks are prepared by approximately 9am every day for both classic and skate skiing. The tracks may not be prepared in severe weather or winds.

BLUE TRAIL – 4,6 km (Flood lit)
Easy and family friendly terrain. This trail is flat to start and then comes a downhill section towards, and past Flötbäcksvägen. After this the trail passes over mires and into undulating terrain, ending with a steep slope with an incline after it up towards the waterworks to help control your speed. The trail finishes with a perfect poling terrain on the way back to the start. The trail is floodlit until 21.00.

ORANGE TRAIL (Björnmyrspåret) – 7 km
Fantastic mountain environment in open terrain, which is suitable for both families and those looking to increase their pulse. The first 4km are easily skied and then there is an uphill. An easy trail that is suitable for everyone.

The first 2 km are easily skied through a classic mountain environment. Then the trail becomes more demanding with challenging uphill’s combined with poling sections and it is here that you have the opportunity to increase your heart rate all the way back to the start. This is our most challenging trail.

The first 4 km are easily skied and crosses Björnmyran, surrounded by late growth birches. Continue through some tricky sections, crossing the road continuing on to some truly challenging uphills until you join the flood lit trail’ s most difficult section, where you can really challenge yourself. In the final section you pole through forests and marshes.

Same as the green trail except that it doesn’t cross over Björnmyran.

FJÄLLET RUNT (Around the mountain) -14 km & IDREFLÖTA-15 km
There are 2 trails within the nature reserve (which includes the peaks of Städjan 1131m a.s.l., Nipfjället 1192m a.s.l. and Fjätervålen 1002m a.s.l) which can be accessed from the resort. These are also prepared daily when possible. Please remember that the weather and winds are more extreme up on the mountain.

Cross Country Pins:
You can buy your cross-country pin in the Ski Shop or in the Grocery Store.

Click here to see the Cross-Country pin price list.

Skiers found without a valid pin will be fined 1500 kronor.
Random checks will be made during the season.

Enjoy the trails!